Tuesday, September 19, 2017

City and Wild v1.0 - The 51-pages expanded and reorganized Wilderness Survival Guide!

Hey there!
Some days ago I've updated my Wilderness Survival Guide with a whole new section of alchemy, and after a particular answer in that post I've started working on reorganizing the WSG into basically two sections, since various parts of the guide are not really connected with wilderness survival. Having that in mind, I reorganized the WSG in a new supplement divided in three parts.
Part 1: Character Options.
  • Races: Alternate humans (environmental based humans).
  • Classes: The Rider Prestige Class.
  • Equipment: WSG equipment plus a few more magic items.
  • WSG Feats
Part 2: The City.
  • Alchemy: Alchemy basics, creating a mixture.
  • Crafting: Craft armor and weapons using special materials found in the wild.
  • Guilds: My guild system I shared some weeks ago.
Part 3: The Wild.
  • New! Surviving in the Wild: Basic needs (food, water and warmth), camping (finding natural shelter and building shelters for a survival-themed campaign).
  • Dangers of the Wild: Environmental hazards, dangerous terrains and special terrains.
  • Collecting Materials: rules for harvesting, gathering, mining and more.
I’m currently thinking on adding a cooking system, other artisan’s tools rules, expanding the Camping section and a few more interesting options for the wild (related to hunting big creatures and a taming system as an alternative to the Ranger’s companion and the Rider Prestige Class)
As always, feel free to write your suggestions, comments and also what you would like to see in this guide!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wilderness Survival Guide V6.0 - The Alchemy Update

It's been a while since I've updated this supplement, but after a various comments and suggestions I finally changed a few things and made some modifications.
The mayor update is the reworked alchemy system, which is now divided into three sections: Bombs, Poisons and Potions. Each section has its own effects, for a total of 25 concoctions! (Without considering the additional effects you can add to the concoctions). Hopefully with this the alchemy system will be more useable and more attractive to players.
I've also added a new section to the Dangers of the Wild Part with some special terrains. The idea of this is to have some magic or weird effects on special areas the players can find in the wild, such as defiled grounds that boost undead creatures in that area, sacred shrines that help any creature that shares the same alignment and planetouched areas that boost attacks of a particular type (for example, a Fire planetouched area will boost any fire damage dealt in the area).
On the other side, I've removed the socketing part because the rune system in the Storm King's Thunder its simmilar, simpler and balanced. I think I'll add more runes effects to complement that system in future versions. Also I've modified/removed some equipment for balancing.

For the next versions, I'm currently working on adding a new section related to camping (With a special section for the carpenter's tools and mason tools), seasons and those kind of things. Additionally, I'll see if I create a modular cooking system too.