Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Simple Guilds - V3.0

After a month of working on other brews, I've decided to expand a bit more my guild rules!

In this version I've created a new section called "Creating a Guild" that should help DMs and players to read about what a particular guild have (contract types, equipment and training).

Additionally, I've expanded the old section of creating contracts with a bit more of information about each contract type, some random locations and new tables for contract rewards (gold and reputation points) based on the party level.

Finally I've added an extra rule to the stronghold rules created by /u/the_singular_anyone for upgrading a structure.

Reddit link

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Rider Prestige Class [Updating]

Hey there!

Just a small update to the bond of magic for the Rider class. Now it should be more interesting to take since you can choose any 2nd level or lower spell from the wizard instead of fixing the spells. Additionally, I've changed the number of times to a number of spell slots equal to 2 + your Charisma modifier.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Monster Manual Style for the Homebrewery

Some weeks ago I've created a reddit post to give a Dungeon Master's Guide style to the homebrewery, and today I've finished a Monster Manual style for the Homebrewery.

You can find the code in the following Reddit Post

Here's an example of how it looks :D

Happy Brewing!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Modern Handbook V1.1

After some extra days of work, I decided to give this supplement a nice cover, some extra NPCs (and also riot shields!)

I'm looking on creating new feats and more NPCs for the next versions, but this will do for now I think!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Wilderness Survival Guide [Forgot to Update]

When I created the Adventurer's Handbook (a compilation of my brews) I forgot to update the WSG with the latest modifications, so here's the updated version!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Modern 5e - Now with rules for using devices + balance [Fourth Draft]

I've been working a bit more on this supplement, mostly focused on balancing the subclasses (special thanks to /u/birkeland for his/her amazing feedback), and hopefully they're now more balanced. Additionally, I've added new rules for Disabling Devices, Disarming explosives and using electronic devices (hacking, security such things).

Reddit link

Balancing Changelog:
- Barbarian: Modified the Juggernaut and Devastating Rage (previously called Devastating Strike)
- Bard: Replaced the Unlimited Access with a new version of Winning Smile, and created a new 6th level feature (Compelling Performance)
- Cleric: Removed the bonus proficiencies
- Druid: Modified and merged the bonus proficiencies with the Modern Druid feature. Concrete guardian is now called Modern Communion, and replaced the urban grove with the new City Guardian (wild shape-based feature)
- Fighter: Modified a bit the tactical aid feature. Changed how Pre-Planning works (now it should be more player-sided)
- Monk: Removed the +2 bonus to attack rolls with firearms. Changed the "extra attack" condition to only when you make an unarmed strike.
- Paladin: Changed the Vigilant Eyes feature to the Vigilant Aura feature (7th level)
- Ranger: The No Trace feature is now useable only in your favored terrain or in an urban environment.
- Rogue: Changed the Sweep a bit (now uses a bonus action instead an action) and changed completely the Master Infiltrator feature.
- Sorcerer: Network Glitch was replaced by Network Strike. Secure Navigation was replaced by the Metamagic Glitch feature.
- Warlock: Modified a bit the expanded spells list since machine invisibility is now a 1st level spell. Artificial Spirit is was replaced with Spell Hacking, and Trojan Horse was also replaced with Creature Hacking.
- Wizard: Modified the Download Spell now
- Equipment: Simplified the hunting rifle bolt-action reducing the reload to just 1 instead of having reload 5 + loading properties. Increased the suppressor cost.
- Feats: Removed the firearm adept feat until I decide how can I rework it. Added the Expert Driver feat and changed the Demolitions Expert feat to Sapper (just the name).
- Burglar's buddy range was reduced to 10 foot, and now it also kill the camera feed.
- Haywire now speccifies that it doesn't disable the devices, just make them work weird.
- Instant connectivity: reworked a bit how the spell works and added a few conditions.
- Machine invisibility: Now is a 1st-level spell, and it last for 10 minutes now

Friday, August 11, 2017

Modern 5e: the subclasses update [Third Draft]

After various comments, great suggestions and lot of inspiration from the MSRD and the Modern Magic UA article, I've finished the next version of the Modern 5e document I'm creating.

The mayor update of this version are the subclasses. I decided to create one for each D&D class. In addition, I decided to redo the modern spells and add new ones (and remove others)

For the equipment, the firearms were a bit lower in damage, so I decided to use the DMG firearms as base and modify each gun in this document. Also I've added scopes for weapons and the suppression fire to the Firearms Adept feat.

Evolving Items Update

When I compiled various of my brews in the Adventurer's Handbook, I've updated the Evolving Items Rules, but I forgot to change them on he original evolving items brew :D so here's the newest version of it!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Modern 5e [Equipment]

The last few days I've been working on this proyect because I always wanted to run a modern fantasy RPG game. After reading this UA article and a bit of the MSRD (Modern System Reference Document) I started to create my own modern supplement. The idea is to complement the Modern Magic Unearthed Arcana article adding the equipment for a modern day D&D, some extra subclasses and probably a few more things (like feats) while keeping it as simple as possible.

Here's the first draft of the Equipment for modern D&D, which includes armor, weapons, gear and land vehicles.

The document was created completely on the homebrewery. You can learn more about giving a DMG-style to a homebrewery document here.

Reddit Link: Modern 5e Equipment [First Draft]

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Adventurer's Handbook

After creating, balancing and modifying various of my brews, I decided to compile them in one big document, which I'll continue updating with the next updates and new content I'll create from now.

What is included:

- Alternate Humans: 6 new environment-based human subraces.
- Mesmer Class: An arcane caster that focuses on interrupting its foes (with a fighter archetype, multiclassing notes and mesmer-themed feats).
- The Rider: A prestige class that allows you to create your own mount.
- Wilderness Survival Guide: Some parts were reworked or removed for simplicity and balancing. The socketing part was removed since it's pretty simmilar to the runes found in the Storm King's Thunder.
- New Equipment: Added simple firearms and some magic items based on the UA Artificer class.
- Guilds: Simple rules for creating a guild with ranks, a reputation system and rank rewards.
- Evolving Items: Create magic items that evolves with the characters.

For any suggestions, comments and more, please write it up on the reddit link: Adventurer's Handbook v1.0

To-Do (future plans)
- Create more runes (based on the Storm King's Thunder magic items)