Saturday, July 29, 2017

Evolving Items

I always liked the idea of a character bonded with a particular weapon (something like a family sword), but the magic objects can become a bit useless if the player found a better one. The idea of this is to create a base magic item that evolves when the player level up (and optionally when he/she finish a series of tasks or when a triggering event occurs). The items are divided in 5 tiers (depending on the rarity of the object) and each one has a number of properties with a particular level of each property (from I to III-IV).

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Homebrewery Formatting Guide

It's been like 3 months since I've created the formatting tips for the homebrewery, and after reviewing it a bit, I decided to redo it with a cleaner design, and a few more tricks so all of you can hopefully learn a few things to improve how your homebrews looks when you create them on the Homebrewery, the amazing page made by /u/stolksdorf

In this case I took almost everything from the old guide, added other basic markdown features and a few screenshots of the code itself to be friendlier.

One of the mayor improvements of this guide is the simple way to create a cover with a 5e-look, including some free alternative red logos (If you use them in your brews, it would be nice if you credit me!) and a simple tutorial for creating a Table of Contents based on the ToC code that /u/calculuschild gave me when I created the Codex: UA.

I've also included the latest image blending method I've created, which is based on the /u/QalarValar idea. I hope this helps everyone who wants to understand and learn a bit more about using the markdowns in the homebrewery.

Extracted from the old reddit post: "A bit of background, since the creation and the shutdown of the Codex due the DMCA warning, lots of reddit users commented me that the look of the codex was amazing, better than searching the original UAs articles in the WOTC page. Having that in mind I've decided to start learning a bit more of how the homebrewery works, and with that I've created this guide so everyone can see some useful markdowns for improving the look of the brews created in the homebrewery." 

Please enjoy and happy brewing!

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Alternate Humans (Environment Variant)

I always thought the humans from the PHB needed some subraces to show how diverse they can be based on where they live (desert, icelands, plains and so on), so I decided to create this human variants based on that.

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Artificer's Magic Items

After my last session, I wanted to try how it would be to transform some of the UA Artificer class features into magical items to see if they are balanced. I like the artificer class, and I feel it can be interesting to take some of the features and transform them into items.

Alchemist's satchel: The magic item has a number of charges to create the alchemical formulas.

Amulet of the Servant: It's like a low-level golem manual.

Infuser's Bag: Basically the same as the Infuse Magic feature.

Thunder cannon: Like the alchemist's satchel, the magic item has a number of charges to fire the weapon (more charges equals more damage)

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Simple Guilds

I always loved adding guilds in the campaigns, making the world a bit more dynamic and with some "secondary quests" that allows players to make new allies, gain some renown and even find some new adventures.

With this guide I'm trying to give some guidelines for creating a guild and a simple way to make PCs gain rank, renown and some rewards for being part of a guild, and to get some side quests for them.

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Simple Firearms

After looking a lot of firearms classes, subclasses and mechanics, I decided to create simple firearms rules based on the gunslinger subclass by Matthew Mercer.

In this case, I just transformed some of the subclass features into Feats, modified a bit and changed some properties of the weapons to fit the ones found in the DMG.

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The Rider Prestige Class

This is the universal, updated and (hopefully balanced) version of the old Dragon Rider Prestige Class I've created some time ago.

This class adds beasts and monstrosities as mounts, so you can now mount other creatures rather than just dragons.

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Mesmer V0.3.2

After various months working on other things, a few weeks I've updated the Mesmer class, making the hexing a bit more general (and simpler). I've also balanced some incantations and fixed some weird or unclear wording.

One of the most important features of this version is the multiclassing rules and a fighter subclass (pretty simmilar to the Eldritch Knight)

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