Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Mesmer Class [v1.4] | A reaction-based class for interrupting your enemies (+ a new Guild Wars 2 inspired subclass!)

A new update to the class!

I've been working on this class from a while now, and the last week I uploaded a reworked/simplified version of the first one. Now thanks to the comments and suggestions I've updated again for balancing it a bit more plus adding a new subclass based on some requests from various reddit users: The Dueling Magic, which is inspired on the Guild Wars 2 class (the previous three subclasses were more focused on the GW1 Mesmer profession).

This new subclass makes the mesmer a bit more aggresive since it focus it as a close combat caster, helped with some illusions of itself to confuse their enemies. Since it's the first version of the subclass, there might be some balancing in the next days.


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